Caravanning has always been popular here in the UK. Owning a caravan offers a lot of opportunities to travel around the country rather inexpensively. If you own a boat and don’t want to keep it in the water all the time, the ability to tow a trailer means that you can keep the boat on your drive, ready to take it and launch it anywhere. If you are thinking of buying a horse, you will appreciate the convenience of being able to tow a horsebox. Additionally if you need to tow as part of your work then learning how to tow safely will be hugely beneficial to you and allow you to safely do your job.
B + E Test Information

B and E tests are not available after 20th September 2021 but the towing law has not been amended yet. The date for drivers to tow will be confirmed by the DVSA as soon as possible. Once the law has changed it will be possible to to tow 3500 kg if your vehicle is able to tow this. The combined weight will be 7000 kg. The combined weight must not exceed the 2nd number on the weight plate on your vehicle. Chichester Trailer Training can help you become confident at towing. reversing, hitching up and inspecting your caravan or trailer. Please click here for further information.

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Chichester Trailer Training offer training for anyone with the rights to tow a caravan or similar but would like a few hours to get familiar driving and reversing.


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