B + E Test Information

B and E tests are not available after 20th September 2021 but the towing law has not been amended yet. The date for drivers to tow will be confirmed by the DVSA as soon as possible. Once the law has changed it will be possible to to tow 3500 kg if your vehicle is able to tow this. The combined weight will be 7000 kg. The combined weight must not exceed the 2nd number on the weight plate on your vehicle. Chichester Trailer Training can help you become confident at towing. reversing, hitching up and inspecting your caravan or trailer. Please click here for further information.


4 Hour training course only £200

Our 4 hour session is ideals for clients who feel OK with their towing but would like more confidence. Additional training is available at £50 per hour.

6 Hours Training course only £300

Our 6 hour training session covers everything that the 4 hour session covers but with more driving time.  Additional training ia available at £50 per hour.

Training Course Content

All training is on a 1 : 1 basis unless by arrangement

Any breaks taken during the training will not be included in the agreed hours. You aren’t paying for the instructor to eat his lunch.

Learn how to inspect the vehicle and trailer

Learn the required reverse manoeuvre

Learn to safely uncouple / re couple the trailer

Learn how to safely drive on everyday roads with a trailer

Independent Drive – Follow a road number or direction