4 Hour training / assessment

To enable yourself to evaluate your driving and reversing. We can decide which course would be suitable to achieve a successful attempt at your B+E Trailer Test.

£ 200

1 Day Training

This course is suitable for clients with a good knowledge and experience of towing

Clients will need to be confidently be able to reverse, uncouple and re couple the trailer. Also be able to drive a vehicle and trailer confidently in everyday road situations.

£ 360 6 hours

2 Day Training

This course is suitable for clients who have towed before but not frequently.

We will have more time to practice the reverse manoeuvre and also more opportunities to drive the vehicle to gain confidence with your ability to tow

£690 12 hours

3 Day Training

This course is suitable for clients with no or limited towing experience

We will have plenty of time to cover sufficient mileage to gain confidence to tow a trailer in numerous traffic situations. We can also master the reversing manoeuvre.

The 3 day training may be suitable for 2 clients to share the time

£ 900 18 hours


Test Day

Practise reverse, drive to test centre, the test then drive back to Chichester.

£ 250 

Training Course Content

All training is on a 1 : 1 basis unless by arrangement

Any breaks taken during the training will not be included in the agreed hours. You aren’t paying for the instructor to eat his lunch.

Learn how to inspect the vehicle and trailer

Learn the required reverse manoeuvre

Learn to safely uncouple / re couple the trailer

Learn how to safely drive on everyday roads with a trailer

Independent Drive – Follow a road number or direction